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Loughcrew Autumnal Equinox 2002.

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Morning Equinox Sunrise   Loughcrew Equinox Sunrise

Sunrise at Slieve na Caillaigh where Loughcrew Cairn T is situated.

The rising sun penetrating the passage of Cairn T and illuminating the back stone.

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A beam of light illuminates the backstone of Carin T

Equinox sunlight in Cairn T - Loughcrew This image taken inside Cairn T shows the shaped beam of equinox sunlight illuminating the back stone. The symbol on the top left of the illuminated area clearly represents the sun and the symbols with the horizontal markings may be measuring scales.

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Equinox Sunrise at the Gossan Stones


Video of Spring Equinox illumination

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Tim O'Brien in his book Light Years Ago states "It would appear that the construction of Cairn T was specifically designed to cleverly fashion a beam of light from the rising and early risen sun around the time of the equinoxes to define the four year equinox or leap year cycle."

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Loughcrew Cairn T

Light Years Ago by Tim O'Brien Light Years Ago by Tim O'Brien shows that the symbols of the sun engraved on the backstone of Cairn T at Loughcrew are precisely positioned to measure solar movement. A beam of light from the rising sun around the time of the March and September equinoxes is mapped on the backstone.

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