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Loughcrew Books

Loughcrew The Cairns a guide

Loughcrew The Cairns a guide by Jean McMann. Introduction to the cairns at Loughcrew in County Meath, Ireland. First published in 1993 by the local After Hours Books based in nearby Oldcastle, this short guild (48 pages) it is selling for inflated prices on Amazon, however it is still available for the cover price at Loughcrew Gardens where the key to Loughcrew Cairn T is kept.   More...

Ollamh Fodhla: Discovery of the Tomb of Ollamh Fodhla, by Eugene A. Conwell. First published in 1873, now available as a facsimile edition, published in 2005. Later research was to prove Loughcrew Cairn T to be a Neolithic (Stone Age) tomb, about two thousand older than proposed in Eugene Conwell's book. However this short book (69 pages) is still worth having for the drawings of the symbols on the Cairns at Loughcrew. More...

Ollamh Fodhla

The Stones of Time - Calenders, Sundials and Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland by Martin Brennan

The Stones of Time - Calendars, Sundials and Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland, by Martin Brennan, first published in 1983 as The Stars and the Stones. A study of solar and lunar alignments at a number of Irish Megalithic sites, in depth investigations of the Equinox sunrise alignment at Loughcrew Cairn T and the Winter Solstice sunrise alignment at Newgrange.  More...

Light Years Ago by Tim O'Brien shows that the symbols of the sun engraved on the backstone of Cairn T at Loughcrew are precisely positioned to measure solar movement. A beam of light from the rising sun around the time of the March and September equinoxes is mapped on the backstone.

Purchase book at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk

Light Years Ago by Tim O'Brien

Temples of Stone

Temples of Stone - Exploring the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland by Carleton Jones, first published in 2007.

Excellent reference book on the significant Megalithic sites of Ireland including Loughcrew. Carleton Jones has distilled the knowledge of all previous publications and combined it with his own research and photographs to create a must have book for anyone interesting in the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland. More ...

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Irish Symbols of 3500 BC by N. L. Thomas. The inscriptions on the megalithic stones at Newgrange, Knowth, Fourknocks and Loughcrew are investigated by the engineer Dr. Neil L. Thomas. He presents the stones as calendars for a 16 month year with 22 or 23 days per month and 8 annual solar and seasonal events.

Purchase book at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk

Irish Symbols of 3500 BC by N. L. Thomas

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Boyne Valley Tours Private Tour with pick up and return to your accommodation. Newgrange World Heritage site, the 10th century High Crosses at Monasterboice, Hill of Tara the seat of the High Kings, Bective Abbey and Trim Castle the largest Norman castle in Ireland More ...
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