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Knowth and the passage-tombs of Ireland

Knowth and the passage-tombs of Ireland by George Eogan. First published in 1986 by the archaeologist who directed excavations at Knowth, a huge central mound with a cluster of smaller sites around it. Knowth yielded more than a quarter of the engraved art from the whole of Neolithic Europe. While aimed at a general readership the book is also a good starting point for academic research.  More ...

Newgrange and the Bend of the Boyne by Geraldine Stout. This wonderful 260 page historical geography of the Boyne Valley covers 7000 years, from prehistory to the twentieth century.  The megalithic mounds at Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth are extensively covered.

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Newgrange and the Bend of the Boyne by Geraldine Stout published by Cork University Press

Excavation of a Medieval Secular Cemetery at Knowth Site M

Excavation of an Early Medieval Secular Cemetery at Knowth Site M by Geraldine Stout and Matthew Stout. Excavations revealed three main phases of activity: linear trenches and a cluster of irregularly shaped pits; a cemetery enclosed by two subcircular ditches of 6th to 10th century date and a later external earthwork constructed in the early medieval period. Evidence for agricultural and manufacturing activity within the enclosures was also identified. Large quantities of unstratified prehistoric lithics were recovered.   More ...

Treasures of the Boyne Valley by Peter Harbison. Well presented book on the Boyne Valley, covering it's history, the landscape and the peoples who have left their imprint since pre-history. The section on Newgrange and the other stone age sites of the Boyne Valley comprises 24 pages. More...

The Stones of Time - Calenders, Sundials and Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland by Martin Brennan The Stones of Time - Calendars, Sundials and Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland by Martin Brennan. First published in 1983 as The Stars and the Stones. Observing the solar and lunar events at Newgrange, Loughcrew and other Chambered Cairns, Martin Brennan shows these megalithic monuments to be sophisticated calendar devices.  More ...


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Irish Symbols of 3500 BC by N. L. Thomas. The inscriptions on the megalithic stones at Newgrange, Knowth, Fourknocks and Loughcrew are investigated by the engineer Dr. Neil L. Thomas. He presents the stones as calendars for a 16 month year with 22 or 23 days per month and 8 annual solar and seasonal events.

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Irish Symbols of 3500 BC by N. L. Thomas

The Boyne - A Valley of Kings by Henry Boylan The Boyne - A Valley of Kings by Henry Boylan. The author follows the course of the river Boyne, taking the reader on visits to the famous sites and ancient monuments at Newgrange, Tara, Kells, Monasterboice etc and giving a fascinating and lively narrative on the people, events and legends of the area.  More...

Excavations at Knowth Series
Vol.2 by George Eogan and Helen Roche.
Vol.3 - Knowth and the Zooarchaeology of Early Christian Ireland by Finbar McCormick and Emily Murray with contributions by George Eogan, Sheila Hamilton-Dyer and Eileen Murphy.
Vol.4 - Historical Knowth and Its Hinterland by Francis John Byrne, William Jenkins and Gillian Kenny.
Vol.5 - The archaeology of Knowth in the first and second millennia AD.

Historical Knowth and Its Hinterland

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