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Archetypal Energies Quadruple Labyrinth

by Ray Cooper of the Labyrinth Center for Peace & Reconciliation
Glore Mill Follain Art Center, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Archetypal Energy Quadruple Labyrinth

The energy of the Archetypal Energy Quadruple Labyrinth in Ireland appears to be more than twice that of the former Archetypal Energy Double Labyrinth in Arazona, which in turn appears to more than twice the energy of a standard labyrinth.

Each Archetypal Energy Labyrinth contains 55 Runic Archetypal Energy symbols, a total of 110 symbols for a Double Labyrinth and a total of 220 for a Quadruple Labyrinth.

The energy of each one of the four Archetypal Energies Labyrinths is distinctly different for me. Each labyrinth is a 7 circut classic labyrinth with addition of a circut for Infinity Symbol and a 2 foot high standing stone in center. Each has a diamater of 35 feet and is made of natural Glore Mill stone dug/collected/carried/sized to labyrinth site. The Integration Point for the Infinity Symbols of all 4 labyrinths is covered with large flat stones. Each labyrinth has 55 Thought Form Runic Archetypal Energy Symbols decdicated to give highest and best energy for any individual at that particular time. There are 220 copper and brass Runic Archetypal Energy Symbols for Irish Archetypal Energies Quadruple Labyrinth.

On the 17th December 2004 Joe Ann Van Gelder, Author, Lecturer, Founder of Universal Vibrational Energies acted as channel with Ray Cooper to place thought form Archetypal Energies Quadruple Labyrinth above physical Archetypal Energies Quadruple Labyrinth in Ireland. All walking physical Archetypal Energies Quadruple Labyrinth will be walking within Archetypal Energies from physical Archetypal Quadruple Labyrinth below them and thought from Archetypal Energies Quadruple Labyrinth above them.

Integration Point

I enter and center myself in some form of prayer/meditation in the Integration Point before I begin walk of one or more labyrinths. When I complete walking a labyrinth I walk to Integration Point and then choose next labyrinth to enter/exit. I always enter/exit labyrinth through Integration Point.

Glore Mill Labyrinth

Not always, but usually I begin and end with the female labyrinth to the NE. The throat, entrance is entered from west walking to the east. The stones are of middle size, about the size of a large orange, the ground is covered with short grass and is level and firm with slight give to the foot. It invites one in to relax, for a consistent, level, firm but not to hard path. One does not have to be alert for changes of surface, texture, height of grass, elevation, grade. It is an easy in an easy out. It is centered with a 2 foot high standing stone. General feeling for me is one of acceptance, love, warmth, safety, security, like being in embrace of one you love. It is first labyrinth entered and last infinity symbol completed. Welcome to Earth Mother.

After completing labyrinth I walk into Integration Point and then into next labyrinth.


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Glore Mill Labyrinth

Male labyrinth, opposite, and to the SW is next entered. The throat, entrance is entered from east walking to the west. It has the largest stones, some are close to shape and size of an American football sliced in half. The ground is covered with a mixture of short and long grass, where grass is short the path is level. The path is firm yet most soft of the four labyrinths. One has to be alert and conscious because of large size of border stones.

Energy is strong and at times appears to almost shout be alert, be aware. It gives one no choice but to become aware of ones relationship with texture, firmness, grade of path and large border stones with each step. One can walk quickly or slowly, however, either way one must be alert and conscious of relationship of self to path with each step. For me not subtle energy, it has most intense energy of 4 labyrinths. Straight in your face, no way you can miss me energy. Welcome to Mars.

After completing labyrinth I walk into Integration Point and then into next labyrinth.

Male labyrinth, to the NW is next entered. The throat, entrance is entered from east walking to to the west. It has the second largest stones, some are close to shape and size of a large grapefruit sliced in half. The ground is covered with a mixture of short and long grass. Western half has more long grass bunches than short grass and some small stones on path itself. Eastern half has much more short grass than long grass and no small stones on path. Western paths are not as level as eastern paths. On western paths one must be alert and conscious. Eastern paths can allow one to relax when compared to alertness required of western paths. However, one cannot relax to degree of most level labyrinths with short grass. Labyrinth paths create a rhythm of alert/relax, alert/relax. Paths create a balance of two. Energy for me is balanced between the most male and the most female labyrinths with slight balance to male side.

After completing labyrinth I walk into Integration Point and then into next labyrinth.

Female labyrinth, to the SE is next entered. The throat, entrance is entered from west walking to the east. It has the third largest stones, some are close to shape of large Hass Avocado. The parts of the eastern half are covered with small stones to raise path above possible moisture. The labyrinth is level and has only short grass. The paths are soft to firm with no bumpy spots of long grass. It is the second most easy to walk after the NE female labyrinth. Very distinct differences in firmness of paths makes one very conscious of ones relationship to earth/path while walking. It does not shout out be alert, be aware. It speaks with a soft, gentle voice saying please become aware of your relationship with me though your feet as you walk me. Energy for me is female/male with slight balance to female side.

After completing last labyrinth I walk into Integration Point and begin walking the Infinity Symbols.

There is no right or wrong sequence for walking Infinity Symbols. However, I begin and end Infinity Symbol walk by entering and exiting through Integration Point. Integration Point is walked through at beginning and ending of each outer path of infinity loop of each labyrinth. As a general rule, but not always, I walk the Infinity Symbols in following sequence:

Integration Point to NE
NE to SW
SW to NW
NW to SE
SE to Integration Point

Net set pattern of entering right or left side of infinity symbol of each labyrinth for first phase of infinity symbol for paired labyrinths. Entrance of second labyrinth of pair of infinity loop path set by exit path of first labyrinth to complete natural path of infinity symbol. I may pause with each return to Integration Point. With final return to Integration Point I pause and take whatever time is appropriate to complete integration of total labyrinth, Infinity Symbol experience. I prepare myself to exit Archetypal Energies Quadruple Labyrinth to participate in world I left to enter it.

Joe Ann Van Gelder informed me to the best of her knowledge this is the first and only Archetypal Energies Quadruple Labyrinth. Archetypal Energies Double Labyrinths are an extension of Runic Archetypal Energy Programs that evolved from a group comprised mainly of teachers cetified by Universal Vibrational Energies. Extension to an Archetypal Quadruple Labyrinth and Archetypal Quadruple Labyrinth with thought form Archetypal Quadruple Labyrinth above it evolved from creation and walking Classic Labyrinths in America and Ireland.

Universal Vibrational Energies suggests walking labyrinths with or without Archetypal Energies as an experience unique to you, so begin with no expectations and "go with the flow". Let whatever happens happen! Whatever it is, you will gain from it.

These labyrinths were created to serve the highest spiritual purpose of all that walk them.
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