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Standing with Stones DVD

Standing with Stones DVD - a journey through Megalithic Britain and Ireland. The film is an exploration of the wealth of prehistoric sites in Britain and Ireland with 100 sites featured. Standing with Stones aims to give a fresh insight into our megalithic heritage extending far beyond the better know sites such as Stonehenge and Newgrange.  More ...

Old News: Ancient Archaeoastronomy - Ancient Celts in America? The Old News DVD is a documentary suggesting western European Celts explored America's heartland. Archaeoastronomical alignments, Ancient Celtic Ogham writing, engraved constellation maps and anthropomorphic carvings tell a story that overwhelms traditional archaeologists.  More ...

Ancient and Sacred Sites on DVD & CD

Time After Time DVD

Time After Time DVD - Three cultures celebrated in a film of song and story. Time after Time takes the music and the muses of three of the most ancient cultures (Ireland, North America and Australia) and weaves them into a film of moving beauty. After four years filming beautiful landscapes, sacred gathering places, and ancient symbols and icons, the filmmakers have married song, music and image to create a lyrical and jubilant interpretation of the human spirit through time and cultures.

Field Guide to Megalithic Ireland by Anthony Weir. A CD-ROM adapted from Irishmegaliths.org with over 600 photographs of Irish prehistoric sites including megalithic tombs, phallic pillars, stone rows, stone circles, cross pillars, ogam stones, bullauns and sweathouses. The core of the CD-ROM is a county by county gazetteer with directions and map references of hundreds of sites. The CD-ROM can be purchased on a secure site.

Field Guide to Megalithic Ireland by Anthony Weir. A CD-ROM with over 600 photographs of Irish prehistoric sites


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Time After Time - Three Cultures Celebrated in a film of Song and Story

Time After Time - Three Cultures Celebrated in a film of Song and Story by Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell.

The combination of a traditional Irish singer and a Native American have produced a film celebrating three ancient cultures in song, story, prose and pictures. Time After Time is a symphony of images, an beautiful film made over three years by Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell. The film is a feast and a feat of editing, composing, artistic vision and integrity.

Mairéid, whose last album Never Drift Apart received enormous critical acclaim for her pure, rich voice and poetic vision, brings to the film not only her gifts as a singer, but also her composition and passion, while Ben is a true voice and vision of his people. There is magic here, and wonder, as the film takes us to Ireland, land of the traditional drum, which summons us from across the sea and towering cliffs to behold that country as it once was, forested and fertile.

How fitting then that there are words of love from the genius Yeats, songs of magic and a story of the world of magic. Time After Time moves us with a love ballad as we behold sacred sites, the mystical peaks of mountains and holy wells. The North American journey embraces the superb landscape, captured by an instrumental work by Ben, who then gives a moving reading of the famous speech by Chief Seattle. Seamlessly the film moves a hymn to celebrate the struggles and faith of the new arrivals as Ben plays some blues that mark these experiences and those of the original inhabitants. There are further legendary speeches of profound wisdom heard before the film takes leave of the American Southwest for Australia and a composition of Mairéid’s telling of time before records were kept. The wondrous art of the outback and the deep-based stories and legends are revealed as we behold rare footage shot during a mapping and dictionary-writing expedition in Arnhem Land in 2003. For people of feeling, wrote the French novelist Gustave Flaubert art has no other end, than to conjure away the burden and bitterness. Time After Time proves his words.

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Boyne Valley Tours Private Tour with pick up and return to your accommodation. Newgrange World Heritage site, the 10th century High Crosses at Monasterboice, Hill of Tara the seat of the High Kings, Bective Abbey and Trim Castle the largest Norman castle in Ireland More ...
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